Teddy Tea-cakes

If you take a walk in the woods

You’ll be shocked what you find

There’s a dainty tea party

Where the toys are alive

Teddies tossing teacakes

Tasting tasty toy tarts

That’s exactly what you’ll find


If you sit and observe

You’ll be shocked what

You hear

All the dollies giggle as they

braid each other’s hair

gossiping girls, giggling gallantly

that’s exactly what you’ll hear


don’t try and approach them

or you’ll be shocked when you meet

the animate toy cars

with engines living

carelessly cruising creative car ways

that’s exactly what you’ll meet


Don’t stare for too long

Or you’ll be shocked when you see

The building blocks grow arms and feet

And take offense to stares

Building beautiful brick

Buildings by binding themselves


Don’t bring your friends over

Or they’ll think you’ve gone mad

This dainty tea party

Will be nowhere in sight

Teddy Tea-cake Thursdays

Are hard to come by