The Racism of Zebras

We are a respectable breed of mammals

And hence should be treated as such

We have no quarrel with our brothers

We view all stallions in grace


Be you midnight black

Or radiant white, we do not segregate

Of course you see,

How can we

We wear both colors upon our skin


Some call us white

With stripes of night

Like tribal marks upon our hide


As if it is something we should avoid

Something we ought to want

To hide








This made me smile, and so i thought i should share….



Vegetarians are cruel unthinking people.
Everybody knows that a carrot screams when grated.
That a peach bleeds when torn apart.
Do you believe an orange insensitive
To thumbs gouging out its flesh?
Those tomatoes spill their brains painlessly,
Potatoes skinned alive and boiled,
The soil’s little lobsters.
Don’t tell me it doesn’t hurt
When peas are ripped from their overcoats,
The hide flayed off sprouts,
Cabbage shredded, onions beheaded.
Throw in the trowel and lay down the hoe.
Mow no more.
Let my people go!

– Roger McGough



I wrote a song. It’s a twist on the Jack and the beanstalk story. Jack and his girlfriend runaway from their parents who are the giants in this story. the girlfriend lives in a tower so far away that jack has to climb a beanstalk to reach her.




When it gets dark out

Through towers and beanstalks

He climbs up to my window and we talk

He says its magic

Girl don’t you feel this

I say my mum will have a cow

If we get caught

Don’t you worry about me baby

We still got hours before they wake up

Just bring the music with you baby

Darling its magic

What you waiting for

Please say

You’ll meet me by

The market place at ten

Your mum will have a cow

That we can sell

I’ll be your music

If you’ll be my golden egg

Please say you’ll run away

If you say you’ll runaway

And I’ll take you

Places where the giants never fare

If you steal some music,

then I swear I’ll never tell

and baby we’ll runaway

please say you’ll runaway

runaway baby can’t you

see that’s all we can do

all we can do

runaway baby

I’ll just spend my life with you

so please say

you’ll meet me by

the market place at ten

your mom will have a cow

that we can sell

I’ll bring the rings

And you can ring the wedding bells

And baby well runaway.



Jack and Jill

I wrote a song  duet. its my own take on what really went down with Jack and Jill

(p.s, Here they are not siblings)



Hey Jill,

I’m still stuck on lower ground

So won’t you give me a hand

I broke my crown

When I fell down down

This hill must be made for you and I

Cuz I see no one else around

So won’t you promise to come after me


Jack I know youre alone

I know the fault is my own

But if I fall

I know theres no going home

In time whats broken will mend

And youll see the end

Of this disaster

But theres no point in tumbeling after


Hey jill when didya get so cold

You know its all your fault

You tripped me over


Jack im not tumbling after


Im broken im bleeding out internally

And youre still standing on a hill


Jack im not tumbling after


Ooh ooh ooh im still in love with you

Though you played me for a fool

But I guess you’re not tumbling after.




I Want To Want

It rained today.

And on the days when it rains I am elated.

You see I read a lot.

I have seen adventures and I have traveled so many miles in my imagination but I have not lived.

My life is exceptionally mundane.

Perhaps through poetry I am interesting.

Perhaps I hope too much……..


I want to be in love when I wake up

Heart broken

Words unspoken

Just sprawled on the sunlit floor

To be distraught

To come undone

Spill all my emotions

cause a flood

Spend each damn tear on intoxicants


Get high on adventure

I want to laugh the laugh of Amazons

To travel through pages

Build pyramids out of paragraphs

And paragraphs out of poetic adventures

I want to live in dreams when I wake up

To never wake up

To stay up

And have so many shadows

To be held prisoner by wrong doers

To sing the song of sirens

Come of age in meadows of imagination

I want to move with the clouds

weightless and innocent

 I want the magic of the Salems

I want a revolution

A suicide of lovers

To have the world on my shoulders

A bloody fight against oblivion

Soft memories that break my fall

I want it all

I want to want


Bubblegum and Kisses


Here’s a little candy ring that I made just for you.

And like I asked he carved your name

The way that candy jewelers do

By the see saw in the park

Where the cute little puppies bark

I hope you find the candy bracelet

That I made for you


There’s a little candy ring

On your bed

Under your pillow

Where your blankie usually lies

Where you go to think and wallow


And if you meet me after dark

I’ll give you more than just my heart

I’ll give you candy canes and bubble gum

Cross my heart cross my heart



My Club



I am looking to start a club

No, not a book club,

Not a cool club either

but a club of people stumbling through life

because I cannot be the only one

I cannot be alone in this human’s race

I cannot be the only one without answers


Living off of chance

Coincidences, happenstances,


So I am looking to start a club

Not a desperate club

Not a club of losers

And drifters

And people who are looking to dance with oblivion

Because in here you do not belong

We know who we are

At least we are sure that we will

And when I say we I mean me because

We have no members yet

Which is why


I am looking to start a club

Not a sandwich club

And not for athletics either

Because in here we are starved

And unprepared

We are the people who volunteer

We are the extras

Who just live here



Forever waiting to be heroes


I am looking to start a club

A full on fight club

Where we fight each other’s demons

And tame them

Let them know that in here we are immortal

In here we enslave them

Here we wield our words like weapons

Where the sentences fear us

Here where we are royalty



I am looking to start a club

A coveted club

where you need no you want to join

like porcupines want to be softer

like a slug wants a shell

a club that you love

like an eight day

like a baby’s giggle

like bubblegum kisses

like, the opposite of lonely

like being understood

like a desperate metaphor



this is your club

my club

our club

where we are exceptional in our mediocrity

where we are alone together

where we forget to find ourselves

this is a club for the misfits

who don’t fit in with misfits


this is a club of indecision

where our motto is I don’t know

and maybe I don’t have to

where it is hard to care

and harder to not care

where things just happen

where our members are temporary

where they leave us like they join us

unexpectedly and entirely


this is a place where the future lives

in the past

where we remember what could’ve been

where the language is if and would have


this is no club

this is a safe haven

this is Neverland

where it is ok if you never grow up

this is wonderland

where everything is real if you want it to be

where the rules are obsolete

where you get to take what you want

or leave it be

where the dragons slay themselves

and the princesses and the damsels

do not despair


this is a place

where the members are brave enough to be cowards

where it is ok for men to cry

and women to want to be weak

this is a place where

we look up to ourselves

and down on no one

where we bleed flowers

and dream in color



is a place where our thoughts are complete

and we do not need to please anyone but ourselves

where it is ok to love

and ok to be loved

this is a place too good to be true

where disappointment is extinct

and contempt is endangered

where scars are worn like trophies

and are absent from our dreams


I am looking to start a world

Made of clubs

Whose veins are electricity

Clubs made of what mountains are made off

When they laugh at the winds for trying to knock them down


I am looking to start the world