I Want To Want

It rained today.

And on the days when it rains I am elated.

You see I read a lot.

I have seen adventures and I have traveled so many miles in my imagination but I have not lived.

My life is exceptionally mundane.

Perhaps through poetry I am interesting.

Perhaps I hope too much……..


I want to be in love when I wake up

Heart broken

Words unspoken

Just sprawled on the sunlit floor

To be distraught

To come undone

Spill all my emotions

cause a flood

Spend each damn tear on intoxicants


Get high on adventure

I want to laugh the laugh of Amazons

To travel through pages

Build pyramids out of paragraphs

And paragraphs out of poetic adventures

I want to live in dreams when I wake up

To never wake up

To stay up

And have so many shadows

To be held prisoner by wrong doers

To sing the song of sirens

Come of age in meadows of imagination

I want to move with the clouds

weightless and innocent

 I want the magic of the Salems

I want a revolution

A suicide of lovers

To have the world on my shoulders

A bloody fight against oblivion

Soft memories that break my fall

I want it all

I want to want



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