Hello reader,

It is I, Yini and I am about to share with you a wonder full gift.

That’s right people the beautiful gift of spectacular music.

Oh no, I don’t just mean Alright music. I’m talking you know mouth open, jaw to the floor, put on a sweater because the goosebumps are on their own level good music.

I (in regular fashion)shall provide a list of the performances that have given  me goosebumps recently.

Numero Uno .


HIGHER- The Cast Of Joyful Noise.

Did you hear that.

Did you. Did you. DID YOU!!!!!!!!!!

Hands up if you want to live in Keke Palmer’s throat, and be perfect and strong just like her beautiful voice.814777

(oh put your hand up you pretentious liar).

Let me just tell you every time I listen to this this my ears die from over excitement

and the geese on my arms cannot help but bump.

Number two

Every time. Every time I watch this i die and go to heaven.

The song is from a movie that Adam Levine did with Kiera Knightley called begin again

you should watch it. And then this song will not only give you chills.

 It. Will. Slay. You.

Number three is


 yes this is a cover but that doesn’t stop it from giving me the chills.

you will replay the last two minutes of this video for years to come.

Number four.

The simplicity of this performance is what really gets me. you just cant help but notice how talented Leah Michele is. you feel things. I felt things. I’m still feeling things.

Numero……uhmm… Five

glee again.

I know I know it kinda seems like i’m being a teeny bit fan girly. But did you hear this.

And if you did how are you still breathing. didn’t she take your breath away.


well, this is my list.

There are probably way more spectacular performances out there. But…. These……… These gave me Goosebumps.


Until next time.


oh!!! you guys…!!!! there was this skit I found on YouTube from legally blonde the musical (I love musicals).

I laughed. I was intrigued. You.Will.Be.Too.


start at 1:44



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