YouTube, my dear friends is one of the most effective ways to entertain ones self on the internet.

What.Is. YouTube? you ask.

well, YouTube is a video sharing website owned by google and dominated by some of the

craziest,funniest and most fascinating people on the internet.

This is what makes it interesting:

It is basically a social media platform.

this beautiful platform has given birth to



Youtubers are people who make youtube videos for a living.

These people usually have a large following, and post frequent videos that are in turn watched by their following.

somebody says:

“Okay that’s cool and all but Yini, how exactly is that entertaining?”

Well what’s really awesome about this is the content of the videos.

Now with all my experience, I have come to find it quite enjoyable and time wasting to simply sit in front of my computer screen laughing.

And I guarantee you that if you feel the same way,there are Youtubers out there just waiting for you to discover them.

Because I generally enjoy getting people addicted to frivolous time wasters, I will provide a list of my favorite Youtubers that  am sure you will find hilarious and relatable. Because after all, lets face it, I have spectacular taste.

The list in no particular order…



Dan Howell a.k.a Danisnotonfire is a British Youtuber who has, in my opinion(which I am sure you will share) the funniest and most relatable anecdotes on the perils of being awkward.

He is an absolute cinnamon roll.(A Cinnamon Roll refers to something or someone that is too pure for this world).

Here is a sample video from Dans youtube channel.

You. Are. Welcome.

If you like Dan(and you will), You may also enjoy AmazingPhil



This is Lilly Singh a.k.a iisuperwomanii.

You can clearly see from the picture that she is Indian (unless you cant see, in which case I apologize).

What you can’t see however, is how extremely funny this girl is.

There are no words. There are however, videos and here is one that will have your ribs cracking.



Ryan Higa is an Asian youtuber that just kills it with his ridiculous puns and unexpected wit.

If you are human you will enjoy this.




Marius Listrop , a.k.a Mazzimaz is a British youtuber whose humor is based more on the perils and sufferings of his viewers.

I especially like the ridiculous and care free way he tosses his phone after reading something that surprises him.

He is definitely a Cinnamon Roll.

A really foul mouthed cinnamon roll.

like really foul mouthed.

no seriously like soooo foul mouthed.



Sooo…. Yeah…

 These are definitely people that are worth watching.

And you know what your mother always says…

Its best to spend countless and  long hours everyday watching the life or thoughts of others instead of doing something productive with your life.

And well nobody wants to disobey their mother…..

Until the next time my loyal friends.


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