The one of the biggest things on the Internet today are Fandoms.

A Fandom is a term used to refer to a subculture composed of fans characterized by a feeling of empathy and camaraderie with others who share a common interest.

In simpler words a Fandom is a kingdom of fans.

 When I say kingdom I do mean it. These people rule the Internet.

And yes, it is as intense and as it sounds.

Nothing is interesting  for a teenager on the internet if you do not belong to a fandom.

And we all do.  Now granted, you may not belong to a batshit crazy fandom like  Beliebers (Justin Bieber fans)


*(Fandoms often have names)

But if you are a fan of any TV shows , lets say Sherlock (aren’t we all), or books or even celebrities. Then you belong to that fandom.

Now Fandoms are like families on the internet.

They look out for each other.

Sharing funny and inappropriate(obviously) anecdotes of the subject of their affection. And basically making everyone who does not belong to their fandom uncomfortable.

Somebody says: Well Yini, if they make you uncomfortable then just tell them to shove it.

As your educator I feel it is my sacred duty to warn you of the dangers insulting a persons fandom.


Just DON’T!!.

Because the crazy mechanics of the internet dictates cyber death is the only suitable reaction to criticizing a persons fandom.

You could literally call a person the visual personification of the word hideous and they would be cool with it. But insult their OTP and all hell breaks loose.

Which brings us to….


“Shipping” refers to the phenomenon; a “ship” is the concept of a fictional couple; to “ship” a couple means to have an affinity for it in one way or another; a “shipper” is somebody significantly involved with such an affinity, and so forth.

Again in simpler words .

The Internet, Which is full of sad, sad humans on the eternal quest for love ( Yeah, Laugh, Like you’re not one of them. Lol)has created a phenomenon that not only makes it acceptable to  share our ridiculous fantasies, but to be praised for them.

Shipping happens all the time. Even off the internet.

The term


( One True Pairing )

was coined for this purpose entirely.

What’s crazy is that people will stand by their OTPs no matter what.

I mean people on the internet believe in their pairing more that Jesus.

Don’t know what I mean?


Have you ever started reading a book and then immediately paired  the main character of the book with a character that they do not have any romantic connection to, but you hope they will? And any one who says other wise is completely deluding themselves,and needs an immediate wake up call,because these characters are obviously soul mates (even if they are the same gender , or different species. Heck they could be inanimate objects and it wouldn’t matter.) Because the Gods have ordained them inseparable.

If yes,


 you’re a shipper.

and you can progress to my next post

If no,….

who exactly are you kidding you filthy Liar!!.

For the benefit of research I have added a list of  some the most intense Fandoms on the internet .

Mind you they are also the best and the most interesting to be a part of.

Join at your own discretion.

In no particular order.

Potter Heads(Harry Potter Fans)

Sherlockians(Sherlock Fans)

Whovians( Doctor Who fans)

Hunters( Supernatural Fans)

Directioners( One Direction Fans)

Beliebers( Justin Bieber Fans)

Trekkies( Star Trek Fans)

Ringers( The Hobbit And Lord Of The ring Fans)

The Unsullied Or Book Walkers (Game Of Thrones Fans)

Tributes (Hunger Games Fans)

Fans of The Avengers.

And Lets not forget the crazy crazy fans of Mad Men and Hannibal.

With this my humble friends I leave you.


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