If  on impulse I wrote a list of the people who have wronged me then I will most likely be writing until the carpal tunnel syndrome claims me. And that list that list that I will pour my hate and frustration into will paint a vivid picture of my dislike for those who define and view others through the bias of what they perceive is unacceptable.  Or of what society decides is frivolous and silly and not to be taken seriously. like my speech and my  taste in music which has been branded silly by the masochist society we live in and my absolute love for anything Harry potter. And my list will say that my vocabulary and my tastes are every bit as serious as the censored screaming voices that make up the choir of that which is socially acceptable. And I can write and write and complain and describe,but I will never be able to put it as eloquently and as beautifully as Melissa Lozada-Olivia  put it in her button poetry performance.


Button poetry to those of you who do not know, is an absolutely perfect event  where  poets share their insights on life and struggles and basically everything that has plagued and pleased the earth.

Melissa’s poem,Like Totally Whatever explains how sexism has now transcended to our speech. How “in case you haven’t realized it has somehow become necessary for old guys to tell me how to speak.” she uses the criticism of feminine speech to address sexism

download (2)

and of course she

she slays.

you can watch the poem in the link below.Like,Totally,whatever


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